Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Chapter Chat

I am a little late to the party on this one, but hey, it's still just barely January, so it counts! A few weeks ago in the subarctic weather the book club girls got together again. We have kept it going for a few months now and that is quite the accomplishment.

This month we chose a Christmas book, because we are cheesy like that. It was The Christmas Train. What an interesting book this was...
There was A LOT going on in this story and you just keep thinking: How are they going to wrap this all up?
It's about a man who is a former war reported, taking on a new story about traveling across the U.S by train during Christmas to see his actress girl friend in California. Well it turns out his ex-girl friend is on the train and they reconnect. Shocking, I know! Well in the midst of their finding each other his current lady meets him to travel the last leg of the trip. There are also all kind of side plots, a film production crew on board, a young couple getting married, the lives of the employees on the train, a thief and all kinds of drama at the end with a rock slide, train crash and recovery of the passengers.
I was not super crazy about this book, but it was fun to read and it kinda made me want to take a train trip somewhere!

Also for our December book club we always do a cookie exchange. Another fun tradition! We bring however many dozen cookies for how many people are coming and then you leave with a dozen of every one else's cookies.

I usually make some kind of minty cookie concoction, but this year, I needed something quick! So cookie cake bars it was!

I doubled the recipe, added more chocolate chips and M&M's, I don't know if I got the wrong kind, but I think I would leave out the pudding mix next time!

All the stuff you need, minus, eggs, oil and a titch of water!


It's super easy! I love a cake mix cookie for obvious reasons. You don't have to measure out all those dry pesky ingredients, flour baking powder etc. So after you dump everything in, you just dump it again into a cake pan. I am sure that you could plop them down on a cookie sheet and have actual cookies, but I was all about speed and instant gratification, so bars it was!

And done!
Package those puppies up and you are good to go!

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