Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas X3

This year the Wood's were able to partake in not one, not two, but three super fun Christmas celebrations with each of our families! It was a blast, like always, just times 3!

Christmas #1 happened in the far away land of east Texas! The festivities began the day before Christmas eve, we had to get everything together for the big party, of course. After all that hard work we all went to the nearest town, Marshall.
Marshall is one of those sweet, little towns that gets all decked out and does the whole shebang for the Holidays!I would liken it to Stars Hallow from the Gilmore Girls, just a little more country!

Kellen loved Santa SO much! Which was quite the transformation from last year, when he wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. But now that he knows where the presents come from, he was all about making friends!

After Santa, it was on to face painting!
Penguin for the boy!
Snowflakes to match her shirt!

The Christmas train was a blast, super cheesy, but the littles loved it!

Then it was on to pictures at the courthouse, the carousel and shopping.

You really get the whole Christmas experience in
Every other year the Sharp family used to gather at the family house that was built in 1912, but a few years ago it was sold and the house on the River was built, so now everyone squeezes into it to share Christmas together!

There was over fifty people crammed inside and out for a great time! We feasted, we white elephanted, we played in the woods (shocking I know)

That night Brien and I carried out our frantic last minute wrapping ritual and Christmas morning was here! Santa and Meme and Daddy Ty were very good to us!

Callie got her coveted Ipod. Kellen cleaned up with his request of a dinosaur, play dough and a Lion Guard Blanket. Brien finally got his fancy Traeger smoker and the mister did good and I got some super cute new running shoes!

After presents, it was a mad dash to get ready and head to church. Like I am talking we fed the kids fudge for breakfast, threw them in some church clothes and ran out the door.

After church we had the whole day to play with our new toys, hike in the woods and finally feel like we were on vacation. Hurray for relaxing!

We had to break in all of our new board games! Googley Eyes was a hoot, where you have to draw crazy pictures with terrible glasses! And if you have not played "Speak Out", run, do not walk to the store and get it! You will not think twice about looking ridiculous and drooling all over yourself while trying to say absurd phrases!

Texas Christmas, you did not disappoint!

Christmas #2--Wood Christmas!

On New Years Eve, we headed north to Brien's parents to celebrate with our Wood family! We had a blast playing and eating!

Love this boy and his sweet smile, and then there's my kid. Pouting.
Then it was outside for some topless play time....

These cuties are getting too big!

Brien's mom always puts together a super creative and fun scavenger hunt with riddles to help them get from one present to the next. They always have a blast...

Meanwhile, the adults tried all day unsuccessfully to complete a minnie mouse puzzle. I know what you are thinking...but puzzles are cool. Not if it takes a bunch of well educated grown ups all day and it's still not done!

Grandma got in some snuggle time!

Then it was back to more presents! 
Kellen and Christian were so stinkin cute in their lion feet slippers!
After presents and another amazing feast, we started the long wait until New Year's eve and the ball dropping! 4 of the 5 children made it and 5 of the 7 adults made it to ringing in the new year! Not to shabby.
The kiddos had a blast banging pots and pans and making a raucous!

The next morning the children were SO hard to get going. I mean, it was hard for me to get going! I can't imagine how their little bodies even made it!
So New Years = Super Fun!

After a quick a breakfast it was back on the road home for Christmas #3!

Since we were not home at Christmas we decided to have Wathen Christmas at our house on New Year's day!
It was another super fun day eating, playing and of course more presents! At one point Kellen said, "I am tried of presents." Say what, little boy?? He sure was not tired when he tore into those super awesome gifts!

Playing guns never gets old!

She loooovvvveeeddd her furry bean bag chair!

These two parents of mine!I sure do love them!

It was another amazing Christmas with the Fam! It's tough to be away from your people during the holidays, but it's nice to know we can always throw something together and everyone will make time to be there, ready to have fun! We are so blessed to have not one, not two, but three amazing families to share our lives with and that is pretty darn great!

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