Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kellen is One!!!

We made it! How is it possible that a whole year has passed since we met you little baby?!
I was hard pressed to get ONE picture of you on your first birthday that you would actually sit still and pose in your chair for!! It was like wrestling a pig!

This month has been wild and crazy you are on the move in a serious way! I can't believe how much you have grown and how much that you have changed and become such a sweet little baby. It's truly incredible to see pictures of you when you were first born and see you now! Wow!
The first time I got to hold you! It was little rough, you had a low oxygen level and I had to wait hours to hold you...I was bound and determined to snuggle with you, I made a fuss so the nurses had  me  wheeled down to see you in the nursery. It was totally worth it, love at first sight!

Sweet tiny baby!
Now you are my huge toddler boy. I didn't think I would be emotional at all about you turning one year old. Yesterday, on your actual birthday, I was just fine. But today, now that you are officially one, I was folding up one of your smaller onsies and the tag said "just one year" and I totally had a melt down. That's really it?? Just one year and now you are not a baby any more? I had to ugly cry it out for just a minute...

So this month, where to start?
You are loving you some daddy right now! He is your best buddy! 

The Kellen finger... You touch everything, but just with this one finger. We call it the "Kellen Finger" It's kind of your seal of approval. 

The strangest things make you happy. Wearing a diaper on your head for example... Weird. 

Balsamic vinaigrette, you carried this around for most of the afternoon one day...Weird.
Playing on the fridge, for extended periods of time...Weird (also explains your salad dressing obsession)
More struggling...

struggling and crying...
I gave up...

Other news, you can walk!! You started a little bit last month, but kind of stuck to the furniture and walls and now you are taking like 10 or 15 steps and then you sit down where you land! But you still prefer to get what you want by being carried to your destination, usually by me.

We had a photo session with Ms. Adriane this month for your year pictures. She just finished editing them and sent me a little sneak preview...
How great is this?? My fat little farmer!

We had to do some major cropping because the overalls you were wearing were only 12 months and the crotch buttons kept bursting open...It was pretty entertaining.

You still love some Jake and he is so good about letting you climb all over him.

Watching the Broncos with daddy on Sundays has become quite the adventure!

All silliness aside, I am so blessed to be your mommy and you are so precious to me, my love. I am sad you are getting big, but so proud of what a sweet, smiley, happy boy you are! Happy birthday baby man.

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