Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor day weekend

It was a wild one let me tell you! We just can't seem to rest on the weekends...
Saturday we had our nephew's 4th birthday party. It was at the bowling alley, my sister in law did our other nephew's 4th birthday party here a few years ago and it was a blast! I mean super cool shoes, pizza, and ninja turtles, what more could we ask for?!
Happy Birthday sweet Drewby! I can't believe he is four. Andrew was born just a few weeks before Brien and I got married, he was just a teeny peanut at our wedding and now is so big!
A special guest appearance by Leonardo, he was a big hit!
The cousins doing their sweet ninja moves.

Kellen and Leo, no fear here!

Callie said we need a mommy and Callie and picture! I hope she always wants to take these...

After our busy Saturday, we had a busy Sunday! After church we went up to Brien's parents house for brunch, his aunt and uncle were in town visiting from California. We ate ourselves silly, per usual, and spend the rest of the day looking at old pictures and relaxing. Well as relaxing as you can get with a 7 year old and a baby who refused to sleep. 

Monday, we went to Callie's first Rockies game! Brien's brothers and our sister in law's siblings were all there with us. Apparently they have amazing hook up with great seats! We were in the shade the whole time, the weather was perfect (77 and little breeze) we had a whole bathroom and concession stand pretty much to our section. 
Coors Field! It was super bright out!

Squirmy worms eating snacks!

So excited about baseball!

Not a bad picture, minus the stranger behind us! I always wonder how many photos we have bombed whenever there is a stranger in one of our pictures?? Just a random thought.

Callie wanted to take a "Rockies outfit picture" before we left.

Shorts: Kohls
Flip flops: Payless
Callie had a blast bouncing from seat to seat and eating pretty much anything she asked for pizza, nachos, peanuts, cotton candy, dippin dots. I don't know how she is not sick right now! We stayed for about 7 innings and then sitting still was no longer an option and that was our cue to go! It was a perfect way to end our last weekend of summer!

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