Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to throw a Mustache Bash!

Kellen turned one this week, so we had to ring in his first year with an awesome party this weekend!
I was going to do something super fun like a construction party or dinosaur party. My wise old 7 year old, pointed out that her first party was a luau and she wished she would have remembered it. So she suggested a mustache party, since they are all the rage (I don't even think people say that any more)and might not be for much longer. So 'staches it was!
The decorations were super simple and the food was pretty much already made, thanks to my sweet sister in law, who is an entertaining genius, it was a cinch!
I found old baby pictures of Brien and I and we posted them on the ever-so-handy kitchen chalk board and we asked our lovely guests to vote for who Kellen looks more like! For the record, I won...
I also found a really sweet book for bed time and we had all of our family and friends write a message to Kellen. I meant to do this when he was born and have everyone who came to visit us in the hospital sign in, but I escaped the hospital with only a few visitors, so I busted out my idea for this occasion instead. 

Now, we can look back and see all of the sweet things everyone wrote to him! I love this!
We had this right as you walked in the front door with a bowl filled with a variety of mustaches! It was a bit hit!

During the week I printed out all of our favorite month pictures mixed in with a few from his photo shoot. We strung them up in the living room with twine and clothes pins for everyone to see how the Mr. has grown this year. I need to something like this but more permanent.

The dessert table!

How great is this cake?! The same lady that made the ninja turtle cake for our nephew's birthday made this one. It was absolutely delicious!

Grandma Sue! Always a willing participant in the fun!

The drink station! I found this little printable online and enlarged, printed it and framed it, super fun!

Kellen loved his Cozy Coupe!

and balloons!

Baby tread socks, now that he is walking!

His Manning jersey complete with tie, ready for the Broncos!

Cake was enjoyed

Really, really enjoyed.
Overall, I would say it was a success! I love a good bash and so does this party animal!

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