Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY at home facials

Callie is a little obsessed with all things beauty these days. One day she was flipping through a book and came up with a brilliant idea to have a spa day. This "day" took about 20 minutes and included facials and painting our toes. Not exactly a DAY but it was pretty fun (and a little gross)

We found a few recipes in a book Callie had and took a trip to the kitchen to see what we had available. One of the masks required cucumber and that was what I was planning on eating for lunch this week at school, so I vetoed that. The next one was a strawberry mask. Kellen LOVES strawberries. He made it an entire meal last week. So I couldn't steal my little baby-man's favorite treat and put it on my face.

Next was an oatmeal mask--Jackpot!
You need:
1 cup of oats (any kind will do) we used quick oats
1 whole egg
3 tbsp of honey

Stir that up!

Healthy breakfast? Nope, skin tightening facial.
It smelled just terrible! I don't know what it was, the egg? The honey? The combination of the 2? I let Callie paint it on my face and I painted it on hers. Then we set the timer and let it dry a little while we relaxed and started watching a movie. 
When the timer went off, Callie said, "Oh, thank goodness" and sprinted to the bathroom. Beauty is torture! We rinsed it off with warm water and splashed our faces with cold water, as the book suggested. I have to say that my skin did feel really soft, smooth and tight. Hmmm.
So I guess we won't be doing any more masks with eggs and honey, but we can whip up something else with ingredients from the kitchen!

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