Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Re-finished Jewelry Box

Since I got a new box for my jewels at Christmas, Callie decided that she needed to inherit my old one. It was a good thing too, because her treasures were becoming a tangled mess in her tiny jewelry box. The only problem was that everything in her room is bright and white and this jewelry chest was not!
Not really fitting of the white palace upstairs...
So she said mom, just paint it white, simple, right?  Nope.
This thing was a project for sure! 
First I took off all of the hardware. Then I sanded it down. But the finish on it was weird. and it made the sandpaper all gooey-like.  Once I finally got down to the wood we were back on track. I finally got on two coats of spray paint. I like to use the Valspar paint and primer mix from Lowe's.

Next the weather was against us. We had some super cold days and I couldn't paint it all. After 2 coats it still looked strange and splotchy and the red from the stain was showing back through. 

2 cans of spray paint and a few warm days later and it was done!

This little chest had more nooks and crannies and little carvings than anything else that I have ever painted! Whew, it was a process!
I finally finished it last weekend with the dresser project and now the princess can enjoy her very own WHITE jewelry box!

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