Monday, February 16, 2015


This week has sure been productive. I love when that happens. Not a whole lotta time for relaxing, but got to hang out with our family and seriously, what would we do without them??!!

Kellen finally got a hair cut! He was so good. The lady who did it said, and I quote "This was the easiest first baby hair cut I have ever given." That's right, my kid, easy! He really was so good. He just sat in my lap and watched. I hope it's this easy next time too!

Before and after, Crazy to big boy...

Callie finally got a dresser! On Friday, I had an adventure. After spending most of Thursday scouring town for an affordable and cute white dresser, I finally ended up getting the original one that I saw months ago at Target. That's what I get for shopping around. I made my wise decision and then on Friday decided to go pick it up. I dropped Callie off at school and headed straight for the store, thinking, "Score I am going to have this done by lunch." Nope, not even a little bit.

The first snag occurred when I got to Target and I couldn't even get the dresser off of the shelf. It was SO heavy. It was in a weird, long skinny box. I pulled with all of my might and dropped it on the floor. Then I thought, now I will flip it up and into the cart. Duh, carts have wheels. Not happening. By this point and I am huffing and puffing and sweating and I decided to just give up.

I left the box right there on the floor of the furniture aisle of Target. When I got to my car, I made the brilliant decision to call my sister in law, who often works from home. Surely she would be up for an adventure. She was with a client and said she would be over to help as soon as she was done. Praise the Lord for sister in laws or this would have never happened!

A few hours later, Jenn came over (so much for being done before lunch, but maybe I would be done by like 1-ish, nope, not even a little bit) and we went to a different Target. I was a little embarrassed for just leaving a 200 pound box on the floor. At this store some nice guys even loaded it up for us. We were able to get it to my house and upstairs all by ourselves! Victory!

Jenn stayed for lunch and then offered, yes, offered to help my put it together. This girl knows how to see a project through! I was back on line for being done by one. Nope, not even a little bit. It took, two, capable, literate, college education ladies 2 and 1/2 hours to put together a child's dresser. We literally put in the drawers and tipped it into a standing position at 3:01, just in time to scramble to get Callie.

Many life lessons were learned and I was once again reminded of what an amazing family I happen to have!

So now, Callie and Kellen's closets are organized and life is good!
Yay for real dressers with ROOM!

Yay for a place to put all of Kellens socks and PJs!

We finally got our tub and vanity in the bathroom. I love them! But we are still trying to figure out some plumbing issues. Welcome to my house, where the plumbing always costs more and takes more time than. Anything. Else. The struggle is real, y'all...
Still a hot mess, but we are getting there!

Yesterday, I just sat in this empty tub and chatted on the phone with my April, just to get away from it all...

We finally have a new roof and sky lights! This has been an ongoing process since October, from storms in September. But it's finally finished! Hooray!
No more 1980's busted bubble skylights! They are covered in snow and I am not even worried about a cave in today!
Now that I have checked some items off my list, it's time to enjoy my snow day with my girl!

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