Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thirfty finds last month!

Well last month I decided to venture out to my favorite thrift store and stock up on sweaters. I know it's almost spring, but here is what happens...I always start buying spring-y stuff about now and the weather doesn't get nice for about 2 more months. So I am stuck having spent my clothing budget on spring stuff that I can't quite wear and a closet full of winter stuff that I am done looking at. I am pretty proud of my preemptive strike!

H&M sweater. It so cute and cozy!! $4.99

Loft sweater $4.99

Loft scarf $3.99

Lauren Conrad top $5.99

Maroon pants! I have been searching high and low for maroon pants. I found some at Old Navy but I have been waiting for them to go on sale and ta-da, these appeared!
HOT pink tee: Not sure where this brand comes from Activ wear?? $2.99
Overall a nice haul this month! I am thankful for days off with no kids, when I can actually take my time and shop!

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