Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I wore Wednesday...

This week has been cold and the kids have been a little crazy. It is that time of year. Spring is so close, yet so far!
But good news we have walls in the bathroom again!

Next up, texture and painting!

I was in so many meetings this week and I forgot to take pictures a few days, but here's what I had...
Last week we got trained for this awesome new writing curriculum that we are implementing 4th quarter and for 7th grade next year and I am SO excited about it!! I wore this to our little planning day, which included a lunch out, which we never do, which was awesome! I love the ladies I teach and I am so incredibly blessed to have them on my team!
Dress: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Tights: Very Jane
Boots: Kohls

I wore this sweater on a cold day and I was dying! My class is freezing in the morning and burning up by lunch, what is a lady to do??
Sweater: Amazon
Long sleeve tee: Kohls
Black jeggings: Target
Boots: Target

Snow day, Sunday. Church was cancelled and I had spent all Saturday in my pajamas, so I think leggings are closest thing to PJ's and for getting down on the floor to "watch" Kellen play.
Flowered long sleeve: Forever 21
Striped tank: Thrifted, H&M
Tights: Very Jane
Boots: Kohls

On the same day I wore this skirt , my student teacher wore little little skinny pants that were the exact same print! It's like we are mind readers these days! I was also being observed for my evaluation and I was trying to look the part of snazzy teacher.
Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Tights: Target
Heels: Target
Necklace: Very Jane
And there you have it, the week in review. It was a long one, how much longer until spring break?!

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