Thursday, December 24, 2015

O Holy Night...

Last year at Christmas our church focused on the "unknown" characters from the bible that were present a Jesus' birth IE-- the little drummer boy, (No idea if there really was a drummer boy, but the thought of a little boy who had nothing to give but his song, it gets at your heart strings!) etc. This last Sunday Brien and I were teaching the 3-5th grade class and one of the points emphasized was that the angel Gabriel appeared to the shepherds and sent them to find Jesus. 

Our kids totally nailed that shepherds, while important to their communities at the time, were poor and unimportant in the big scheme of things. That really got me thinking...God made himself known to the least important people, because they would have the biggest impact. He didn't go to the kings and prominent people, he came to people that needed him the most. 

So, when we were driving around yesterday on Christmas errands, I was so choked up when this little song came on the radio!

And the year Kellen was born, don't even get me started on God choosing Mary and her having this precious little baby. My point is this...God is for everyone and FOR everyone, if that makes sense. 
He wants us and he is on our side. 
I can't help but feel totally overwhelmed at his perfection in everything, Mary, the shepherds, the little drummer boy. It was all a part of his plan, just like he has the perfect plan for us! 

Merry Christmas!

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