Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa Claus, Gingerbread houses and Urgent care

This Christmas break has been anything but a break!! If it's not something it's something else...

Saturday morning we decided to venture to the larkridge shoppping center North Pole. This was the same place we went last year. Only this year we made the poor choice of going on a Saturday morning after doing some Christmas shopping. We stood in line and waited and waited. Santa was running a little late I guess?? But the big guy finally showed up and by that time the line had decreased significantly and we were in!
He was so excited!!

Callie cozied right up and got to the business of telling what she wanted. No surprises this year, praise the Lord!

And this was as close as Kellen would get! He shouted something about wanting trains and then took his cookies. So much for precious Christmas pictures like last year. Oh well. Maybe next year!

After a super long morning/afternoon of shopping and waiting, these kids were ready to go home, but we had a flat tire on the truck, so they had to wait even longer. It was stressful. I am not going to lie. Keeping 2 exhausted kids happy while they wait in a hot truck is not fun! And poor Brien changing that filthy tire out in the wind. Thank goodness for handy husbands!

Sunday promised to be better. We had church, naps, Gingerbread houses, Family dinner. It was much better!
My handsome boy!
Kellen refused to stand in front of the tree to take pictures. This boy, I tell you what!

Gingerbread housing! They had a blast eating all of the candy. Needless to say there was not much to decorate with, but hey, they had fun and were filled with sugar!

Monday, I dropped Kellen off at the babysitter and Callie and I had a girls day finishing up our Christmas shopping, having a delightful lunch. Then home to wrap presents and binge watch "Fixer-Upper" while Callie stewed herself in an hour long "Luxury" bath! So Monday was great!

Tuesday, was another story... We had a few last minute Christmas errands to run and then I promised the kiddos that we go to the Jump-o-line place and they could play. I was really thinking, "Let's wear these crazies out, so I can get some crap done!" 

Kellen hadn't been here since he was way little and had a BLAST jumping on everything!

Next, it was home for chicken nuggets and a nap! Well, about an hour into nap time, I heard hysterical screaming from upstairs. NOOOOOOO! I got nothing done! I went up to check on him and put him back to bed but he was furiously scratching his legs and arms. When I pulled up his pant leg he was covered in a bright red, puffy rash. Oy Vay! This kid. I have learned that it's better to be safe then sorry with this boy. Needless to say we spent the afternoon at Urgent care. 

 Callie kept telling everyone who came in the room he had "Boils", she is ridiculous. Allergic reaction. Benedryl and home. So nothing was accomplished except for catchin' up on Sponge Bob in the waiting room. Oh well. We are still 2 for 2 as far as good days. I hope no more "occurrences" or "reactions" crop up in the next week or I will need a break from my break! Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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