Friday, December 4, 2015

The back and forth book

Now that we have a precious nine year old in the house, it seems like my little snuggly princess is too cool for everything and I feel like I am already starting to deal with the drama of having an almost double digit kid. Like the kids I teach everyday. Oh Lord, I am NOT ready for this!!

Because things have been crazy and because I want keep the lines of communication open at all costs, Callie and I have come up with "The Back and Forth Book" and I love it so very much!!

I totally stole this idea from Callie's grandmother, who used as a way to stay close to Callie's aunt when she was in high school and I always want to have that connection and open communication with her!

We use a journal that Callie found and whenever she has something that she wants to discuss she writes down her thoughts and leaves it in a special place in my room. Then I write her back and leave it in a special place in her room.

I love seeing her sweet ideas, questions and concerns written and I love that she is not too cool to talk to her old mom!

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