Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's finally hereeeeeee! Christmas break! I am almost done with shopping. This year was much better than last. I made a list and had a game plan and kinda stuck to it, so I will call that a success!
Some Favorites this week...
                                                         Image result for legend bookImage result for legend book
I finished this book Legend on our snow day! Such a great read. One of my students let me borrow it and it is fantastical! Dystopian, future-y book, but I could not stop reading it. It's totally teeny bop geared, but this grown up lady teacher loved it!

                                            Image result for person of interest show
Brien and I have been in a show hole for about 2 weeks now. We finished the show Prison Break awhile back and had been alternating between Fixer Upper and House Hunters. Whilst both are great shows, we needed something with a few seasons! This show fit the bill. We cannot get away from crime conspiracy shows. Give it a try!

Gettin' my craft on! Last week Brien had a "play date" to watch the Broncos with some of his work peeps, so while Kellen slept and Callie sang "Jingle Bell" rock over and over and over again to learn the words, I had to keep myself busy some how!
I was pretty proud of my free hand deer. Just some scrap wood, painters tape, gold, red and white craft paint and I have a new little Christmas decoration!

                                                   Image result for minions fart gun
Minions Fart Gun. Need I say more?? Kellen laughed hysterically at this the whole way through Target. I may have went back for it later that day for a Christmas present from my little man.

This smile! He has been obsessed with playing with the ornaments on the tree. I have had to rearrange a little and put the plastic ones at the bottom. I can't even get mad when I hear one being ripped from the tree, because this is the face he makes! 

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