Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Walking Dead

This week has been rough. I know I have said that many times, but this one kind of takes the cake!
Last Thursday Callie came home from school and was fine, did her homework and was fine, ate dinner and was fine. Then she went to bed and threw up everywhere! Oy Vay. She spent the rest of the night dry heaving into a bucket.

That girl she had best sense on humor. Even after all that, she said, "Mom, it feels like I am giving birth!" and wanted to go to school the next day. Needless to say, I stayed the day home with her. It was snowy and a Friday so it was really a perfect day to get sick.

Saturday, everyone was feeling great! Hurray! We even went to our sweet friends', kiddos' birthday. It was a blast! It was at the smallest bowling alley in all the land. I am talking six lanes of fun. The kids were so cute! Kellen loved bowling and he kept saying, "It's my turn now!" and would run up there ready to go!

So much fun!
The rest of Saturday was just fine, everyone was healthy, we did dinner with parents, Brien was on call so he unfortunately ended up having to go in for a few hours. But for the most part a red letter day!

Then Sunday came... DUN, DUN, DUN! Brien AND I both were plagued with the horribleness that was the tummy bug! It was vicious, let me tell you. 

I loathe being sick. I mean, no one really enjoys illness, but there were points when I was sure I was going to die. Being sick always makes me go to a weird place. My mind races with crazy thoughts, like what if I never get better? What if there is something really wrong with me? Does anyone else do this besides me?! And everything is in a funk. You don't get to do your normal routine things! My parents very graciously took my children so Brien and I could wallow in our illness and hopefully not spread it to the youngest member of our family. And I am so thankful they did. I literally could not move from the couch, let alone take care of Kellen. Thank GOD for amazing parents 

Monday, everyone was on the mend. I had survived! 

Tuesday, I got the fateful call from Brien. Kellen barfed at the babysitter's house. So we had finagle our schedules and take half days home with him. 

Now everyone is better and I need to de-germify once more. But I am so thankful for our health, modern medicine, family who is loving and flexible and sick days from school. No more sickness please!

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