Tuesday, January 19, 2016

3 days weekends

Three day weekends are just magical. I feel like if we had more three days weekends, we would be more balanced, productive and overall happier people, who is with me??

So this weekend was awesome!
Brien finished demo-ing the basement! Hurray. It's a hot mess right now, but we have all of the old walls down. Next step get rid of the debris from the old framing and drywall, pull up the old carpet, make a million Goodwill runs and get rid of a bunch of stuff. Then we can re-frame the walls and rough in the plumbing. I am liking this project, mostly because I can shut a door and not have to look at the mess! Progress is a little bit slow, but I am SO excited to get going on this shenanigans!
So...It's a little hard to see the vision right now....

So. Much. Crap.
On Saturday we had a BLAST with Brien's brothers and my sister in law. We dropped off the kiddos and headed north for a brewery tour.  I had NO idea Colorado had so many breweries. My sweet sister in law planned everything and we spent the whole day hanging out and laughing so hard my tummy muscles were sore the next day!
At 300 Suns, a tiny  brewery in Longmont, one of our many fun stops!

These brothers always keep life interesting!

I had to get a picture of this sign! One of the breweries was behind this tiny little furniture rehab place. I might have to revisit just to check out the furniture!

Sunday we picked up the kids and headed home to watch the Broncos killin' the Steelers. Okay, so they barely won, but a W is W!
This lovely Monday we have been working on crafts and just hanging out at home. I have adored these cold days off at home!

I am working on some signs for my mom's kitchen...

I can't wait to get the lettering on these! They are going to be SO cute in their new kitchen!
Little miss spent the day making "Zip lines" out of her para-cording bracelets for her stuffed animals. So my house looked like an obstacle course for most of the day, but hey, kids were having fun!

3 days weekends=fun with family
=getting projects worked on

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