Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New You

The rest of our break went swimmingly, no more urgent care visits, no more crazy! Callie spent a lovely 4 days in the mountains skiing with her grandparents and Kellen and I just hung out at home. It was LOVELY!! We had a few shopping trips together, and I was so proud of my little trooper. By the end he was telling me what was cute and ugly. It was a hoot!
I love to start off the New Year with new sheets, pillows, underwear, socks and a couple of new outfits! I don't know why, there is just something about starting the year fresh. I also invested in some new work out clothes so I can start running again! Yay!

Also my sister in law introduced me this fitness lady Natalie Jill, who sends you a monthly work out calendar with videos. It is the best thing ever!! Check it out if you are looking to get a little more fit for the New Year!

At the Wood house we rang in the actual New Year with playdoh and finger painting...

After this kid crashed out we ate fried things, drank champagne and watched Pitch Perfect 2 and crashed ourselves at 11. It was delightful!!

The next day, my dearest husband got the itch to tear down walls in the basement, so it became a family affair!! The family that demos together, stays together!

On Saturday we ended up at Brien's family for the O'Brien family "Christmas" party, which was really a New Year's party, and was so delightful!
These crazy boys... I love them!

These were some tired babies on the way home!

We have had the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the winter! I love it!

I heart New Year's!! I always have. When I was a kid, I always liked the idea of starting fresh especially at school. I restocked on school supplies and vowed that I was going to be amazing. I usually ended up being ok, but just the idea of starting new, felt so great!

Today was our first day back to school and my kids are so funny. We started off class by setting New Year's resolutions for class. I have this precious boy, who usually is a nightmare, but today he was really embracing the idea of changing. When he walked in the door he said and I quote, "New Year, New me. Except I look the same, 'cause I am not getting plastic surgery." And he really was great and had one of the best classes in a loooonnngg time! So hopefully it will stick.

This year I am resolving several things:
1. Make time to read the Bible more
2. Make time to work out more
3. Be less stressed about school
4. Be a more thoughtful wife

So we shall see how this goes!!

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