Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dollar store Valentines day garland

I have a quick and easy one for ya today!
This week I just happened to be out running errands and I saw a bag of red, pink and white pom poms and I randomly grabbed it.
I am so glad I did because later that day I saw this...
I had pulled out the Valentines day decor and the mantel looked a little naked, SO crafty time ensued. 

All you need is:
a bag of pom poms
a needle

This literally took me 10 minutes. I just threaded the needle and starting pulling the pom poms through and onto the thread.

I measured out about how long our mantle is and added a few inches so it would hang down. 
Then I tied it to the mantle and spread out the pom poms a little more evenly and Voila! New Valentines decor for $1!

So cute and so ridiculously easy!!

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