Monday, April 6, 2015


Easter this year was pretty marvelous for the most part. I say "pretty" because we have all been kind of under the weather and taken turns being sick and our routine is all out of whack, so things were a little weird...

But the festivities were just great and we had such a wonderful time with our families and worshipping Jesus! On Saturday we had our annual church Easter egg hunt.

 Callie was ready to go but Kellen was not sure sure about this whole giant bunny thing...

These boys... I love 'em!

Kellen was that awkward kid that didn't want to be in the picture so he just stood there and there were so many parents trying to take pictures that I couldn't get to him, so he bombed a lotta pictures I'm sure!

Now we got the hang of it!

After the baskets were full, it was over to the park to play!

Callie and her Bestie, they had a blast!

The swings are still the best thing ever!
After the hunt, we went truck "shopping". Translation-- an entire day of truck "buying", but hey, now Brien has a real grown up vehicle!
 That evening after the truck buying ordeal we headed home where everyone was waiting, so we could dye eggs! Last year the littlest wood just sat and took it all in. This year he was a full out participant! Thankfully grandma and great grandma don't mind getting messy!

Yikes! He for sure had green hands the next day at church, oh well!

Easter morning, we had a photo sesh at grandma's before and dropped off the annual 7 layer salad and headed for church. 
As for church, I am sure the sermon was amazing but I was too busy wrestling Kellen to hear much of it, maybe next year? We sang "He Arose" one of my favorite songs, Easter or not. I am so incredibly thankful and blessed that I have a Jesus who died so I could be with God forever! 
One of my sweet friends posted this on her facebook and I loved it!
After Church we headed up to flatville for our annual Easter Bash. It was so fun and my grandma joined us this year. Yay! 

More great family pics! They came out so good this year! Hurray! We had a rockin' good time, great food, family beautiful weather, what more could we ask for?!

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