Tuesday, June 9, 2015

An organized pantry is a happy pantry!

I can finally check it off my list! I am not sure how great it will work, but I think I am onto something with my new and improved organized pantry!
Here is the before...Yikes!
The worst was the spice shelf, I could never find anything in there!
So I invested in an expandable shelf from Target for $11, 6 pretty colored $ Tree bins and we had some big tub things down in the basement.
                                       White 3-Tier Expandable Shelf

                                                        Here is the finished product!
First I took everything out shelf by shelf and wiped it down. Then I threw away anything expired or that we weren't going to use.

Top shelf, tall stuff, cereal boxes etc. In the bins, oils, syrups etc and in the other bin coffee, tea and drink mixes and in the wire box (which we already had, dishtowels)

Middle shelf: on the tiered rack spices and baking items that are frequently used. In the bins, baking things, sprinkles, flour, chocolate chips etc.

Snack shelf: One bins has sweet snacks and candy and the other has salty snacks, chips, popcorn etc

Bottom shelf: You can't see it very well, but the back box is pastas, the front box is bread, bagels, tortillas. etc. The blue boxes have dinner stuff and mixes/side dishes. The cans, are, well stacked as neatly as possible on the side. I was going to get one of those can organizers but you can't see your inventory and our pantry is so small that I don't have many multiples. So it is, was it is.

That's it for now. I have visions of putting our dry goods, pasta and cereals in those nice, clear storage containers, but that will have to come later, I just don't see myself coming home from the store and putting everything away and in containers, Maybe when my kids have grown up and I have more time!

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