Monday, June 15, 2015

Make something Monday: Rain splatter art and fizzy paint

We are in full summer mode now! Our make something Monday did not actually occur on a Monday because, well, it was raining and we seized an opportunity! Last Friday it was pouring rain and we were a little bored (I know, already?!) So in the middle of the storm I sent Callie down to the basement for cardstock and I ran for the food coloring and we headed out onto the patio...

What ensued was way fun! All you need is: food coloring and some heavy paper, we used some card stock left over from birthday invitations.

First, we laid out the paper on the deck we grabbed the food coloring and sporadically dotted it all over the papers. Then we ran inside and watched the rain do it's thing!

We left our paper to be rained on for about 5 minutes before I realized that if we left it out there too much longer, it would wash all of the color away.

Then we transferred the papers to cookie sheets and plastic cutting board and brought them inside to dry.

The result was just beautiful! This project was a success!
Our next art project was kind of a bust...I do not recommend this, as it is far more work and clean up than it's worth!
My kids are fascinated by all things that erupt via baking soda and vinegar so this sounded like a fun time!

You need: 
Thick paper (again we used card stock)
Washable paint (we used some left over tempera paint from Callie's art party)
Baking soda
Paint brushes
Cups to mix the paint 
Eye droppers

First we assembled our arsenal of supplies...
We added 1/4 cup of baking soda to each cup, then we added the paint little by little. If you add too much the baking soda dissolves and the paint won't "fizz" correctly. The paint is actually kind of grainy, blobby and a little hard to paint with!
After her "art" was completed with added the vinegar with an eye dropped. It was fun to watch the fizzle! After 2 pictures she lost interest and then we had a huge mess to clean up!
Not the best craft ever, but it staved off the boredom for about an hour! More to come next week!

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