Monday, June 8, 2015

Busy summer bees!

This week has been SO remarkably productive! I was a little nervous about getting things done with both crazy kiddos, but alas, we have already done so much fun stuff! Tuesday was Callie's last day of school, now I have both of my little people home with me! I can't believe how much she has grown in a year!

First day and Last day, such a grown up girl!
We celebrated the last day of school with Sonic and making our annual school year notebook!

We have planted flowers and played at the water park, worked on VBS, worked on the yard stuff (kind of)...

Please don't mind the nasty rocks and weeds, it's a work in progress
Wednesday Callie and I went to the church to work a little and then we had some down time to kill before our lunch date, so we went wandering. We found the coolest antique, thrifty furniture store. It was not in a great neighborhood, but they had great things! I have been on the hunt for a set of dressers to refinish and they had so many pretty things, but nothing that seemed just perfect, so we will definitely be back again soon!

                             Later that day we had lunch with some of my favorite ladies!
If you notice there is a storm brewing in the background which later did this...
My trees may never have leaves!
On Friday night Callie and Brien had a backyard camp out. It looked like so much fun! But a storm blew in and their fun night was cut short!
They even had the tent all set up and Callie had made it beautiful inside!

S'mores! Yumm!

And these crazies have played and played! 

I would say we are off to great start!


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