Monday, June 22, 2015

Make Something Monday: Squirt gun art

Well we can finally breathe! VBS is over and it was so much fun! It is a tough road getting to it because there is not too much that you can do way in advance. I can get volunteers and gather supplies, order things and decorate, but until the week it starts you don't really know what will crop up! The kiddos had a blast, but I am a lot glad to have my life back!

The kiddos...

The kiddos and all my helpers! There is so many people who love these children an awful lot to be able to take a week out of there lives to teach them and take care of them!

For make something Monday this week we tried squirt gun painting (here is the pin that we used). For some reason abstract art has taken over the summer! It was pretty fun but a rain storm put a little bit of a damper on making millions of pictures.
You need:
Squirt guns (ours were from the dollar section at Target)
Paint (the website suggested liquid water color, but we didn't have that, sooo left over birthday washable tempera paint it was. That stuff has come in handy this summer!)
cups to mix the water and paint in
heavy grade paper (we used cardstock, again. Another handy purchase!)
a big scary dog watching to make sure you don't mess up his yard (optional)

Next we mixed up the paint. I just put a blob in the cup and mixed it with about 1/2 a cup of water.
Then we pinned up the paper on Callies easel...
I just hosed it down that evening!

The first batch was a little watery and it just made a huge wet mess.

So back to drawing board... For the next batch I mixed a little more paint (I didn't want it to be so thick it would clog up the squirt gun!) and that worked MUCH better!
Girlfriend got some target practice in!
Once we got the water:paint ratio right, we came out with some pretty pictures!
Give this little project a try to beat that summer boredom!

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