Monday, June 1, 2015

Adventures in Alamosa

This weekend a whirlwind! Thursday was my first day home with the baby-man, we dropped Callie off at school, visited with great-grandma, while he took a nap, I cleaned (some more) Then I met up with Brien at his office to drop off Kellen and then he was off on a fishing trip with his brothers. I headed back to town to get Callie and we started our girls weekend!

We began with a delicious dinner of Kraft mac and cheese (her choice) Next we cleaned the basement (my choice), then did our Jamberry Nails (her choice, more about that later) Then we watched Cupcake Wars (both of our choices)

The next morning we were supposed to head to Alamosa to see my student teacher's licensing ceremony and dinner reception, but I got a "bad news" call that for the dinner, there were no children under 16 allowed. WHAT?!? I was so disappointed, I was already a little anxious to travel across the state by ourselves that I almost changed my mind. But an emergency call to my darling husband encouraged me to go for it. He said it was already paid for, we might as well enjoy it!

So we packed up and headed south! It is a looonnnngggg trip to southern Colorado! I was a little nervous for 2 reasons; 1. we are two girls out on the road. 2. I have never been to Alamosa and I am terrified of getting lost, plus our mapquest lady ( We named her Susan, she is Siri's evil twin) has gotten lost more times then she has gotten us to our destination. After 4 hours in the car of eating terrible "road trip" food and talking in British accents, we made it!

After we checked in we immediately had to go test out the pool. It was a pretty nice pool, I was with Callie on that one!

 After she wore herself out, we decided to do dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant. Italian cream sodas, and chicken fettuccine, it was delish. Well played with the Italian, Callie.

 After super we needed some things from Target, but we found ourselves in Target-less town! What does one do here?! So, Wal-mart, it unfortunately was. We stocked up on shoes, snacks and hair ties.
Once back at the hotel, for, you guessed it...more swimming.

The next morning we were ready for some fun! We slept in a little, met up with my student teacher for coffee; Callie ordered and paid for an iced latte all by herself! Then we packed up our room and we were on the road again!

Our first stop was Colorado Gator Farms. A working alligator farm about 20 miles outside of Alamosa. It was SO fun! Most of the critters there have been rescued from irresponsible exotic pet owners. Callie even got to a hold a baby gator and we saw so many cool things!!
So Brave!
Those gators were HUGE!
Don't worry, just a skin. I tried to get Callie to stick her head in it for photographical purposes. She she said it smelled weird.
Albino alligators, they were creepy!
Callie though this sign was pretty funny...
Also, not alive!

After our trip to the swamp we headed to the desert. There are these mystical, magical sand dunes right on the edge of the San Luis Valley mountains. It is like you are in the mountains and there is a shallow creek bed and then-- Egypt. They just emerge out of no where. So cool!

 We played in the creek and froze and then we started hiking up the dunes and were so hot!

I love this picture with the snowy mountains in the background and Callie swimming in the creek! Oh, Colorado...
Some nice family took this picture for us, they said, "Treasure these memories!" They were at the dunes celebrating their daughter's graduation from high school and the dad said that they had the same picture taken when she was little.

Just like the real desert.

 We got about 3/4 of the way to the top and then we were just exhausted!
It was so far!! Here is the view from the almost top.

 We turned back and crept through desert, through the creek and back up the hill to the car. We were wiped out! I don't know how I made it on the 3 1/2 hour drive back to the city, but we did.

We had such a wonderful time and Callie has already been telling everyone how much fun she had. This girl has been to Disney Land and all over the country and she said this was the best trip ever. I am not so sure it was the best trip ever but we had a blast and I am so glad that we decided to go even with the hitch in our plans! I can't wait to come back and bring our boys!

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