Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July Weekend

We had a great 4th of the July weekend! Brien had off for the 3 day weekend and it was so nice to have him home! It sure felt like a Saturday though, I guess every day feels like a Saturday when you are on summer vacation.

We ended up spending the weekend at Brien's parents way up north and had so much fun! Saturday morning we went to Greeley for their 4th of July parade. It has a small town-ish feel to it and everyone marks off their spots during the week and people actually save their places. I am talking duct taping the sidewalk and writing our family's names all over it, so no one can take it. Gotta love a small town!

 I love parades. Yes, I realize that I am a grown woman, but something about seeing parade floats and waving to strangers is fun.

Callie and Kellen had a BLAST! Kellen was dancing all over and waving his flag, parades are definitely great entertainment when you are one and half! (or, ya know, 30)

The parade was looonnnggg, after the festivities we headed back to Brien's parents for lunch and swimming!
After we were stuffed and ready for naps, it was family picture time! We headed down to the pond in the boiling heat, to take photos. The family that sweats together, stays together. Actually, despite the bugs and temperature, it was a pretty fun time and Brien's aunt got so many great pictures, it was a little bit worth it!

Once we were sufficient photographed, we had dessert, more swimming for the littles and finally crept home with intentions of going to fireworks. After we had been home a bit, the kids were passing out on the couch, so we decided to call it a night. We sent the kiddos to bed and had some time to reminisce about our first date on the 4th of July, just 6 years ago. It turned out that we didn't even need to go see the fireworks, the neighbors behind us were putting on the quite a show and we didn't even have to leave the patio! Thanks rowdy neighbors and God Bless America!

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