Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer closet additions

Oh thrifting, how I've missed you! Today was the first time in many moons since I have stepped foot in my favorite place and I added a ton of fun pieces for the summer and school year, some of them were thrifty and some not so much!

J. Crew light weight long sleeve $2
Forever 21 floral dress $5
Target sheath dress $5
Old Navy tank $2
Target tank $2
Kohl's tank $2
Limited top $2
American Eagle tee $2
Banana Republic tee $2
Target skirt $3
Target shorts $3, I almost bought these last week for $20, glad I waited!
Old Navy mint green capri pants $3, I can finally check these off the list!

Now for the not so thrifty...On the way to camping a few a weeks ago, I did a little online shopping in the car, hey it was 40% off, so I didn't feel too bad!
Lime green embroidered tank
Printed twill shorts
Target flamingo print button up
And there you have it! One thing I am actually looking forward to about going back to school is getting dressed every day in something that isn't a bathing suit or work out clothes!

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