Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Soaking up the last bit of summer

It has been so super quiet around here this past week! I am not sure what to do with myself without Callie here. She is about to go on the second leg of her trip and we MISS her so much!

I put this little peanut on a plane a week ago and all I can think about it how I want to squeeze her skinny little body!

 Everytime my phone rings Kellen says, "Callie??!" and for the first few days he wandered around the house looking for her. The words, "Callie is in Texas." just don't quite make sense to him. Poor baby. We spent the last week before she left, trying to pack in all the fun...

Doughnuts at daddy's office

Playing in the pool, fully clothed. Don't ask.

Relaxing on our poorly constructed deck (more about that in a minute)
The Minion movie, it was pretty cute!
Dinner with our sweet friends, this is his buddy, big Kellan.

Beside missing the girl, we have been spending most of the days at home splashing in the pool and playing, we have made a few trips to the library, but mostly we have just enjoyed being at home.

He is having a strange obsession with sunglasses
and pretending to drive...
Morning walks have gotten extremely lengthy, thanks to the park in the middle of the neighborhood!

And he still hasn't mastered the "selfie" like his sister!

But we are having fun and still have a week to be home together and then back to real life. I am a little bummed, but I am excited to start the school year!

In other news, we have been wanting to refinish our deck since we moved in 4 years ago, but it was functional up until a few weeks ago. The nails holding the boards in were sticking up so high it was becoming a hazard. So last weekend Brien and I decided to tear it down... Hurray!! 

This was from last summer, yuck!

We were going to save the frame and just build over it, but it was in such bad shape and none of the posts were cemented in so when we had everything ripped out it just collapsed. I am so glad that no one was killed in the past 4 years of using it!
Callie was a little disappointed to miss the demo, she thought we would find treasures. Nope, just a bunch of trash, gross!
And deck be gone! It looks so weird out there without it! I am so ready to get some bids and a REAL patio to enjoy the last month of summer!

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