Thursday, July 16, 2015

DIY Tassel Necklaces

I was so excited about this project! A few months ago I was browsing pinterest and I saw these super cute tassel necklaces. Then they started popping up all over stores and etsy shops and such, but they were crazy expensive. I am all about supporting small business, but I have to feed my family and I was not willing to pay $40!
                                                *Select the style of your preference :)  *All of them are 21 inches long    - Handmade with love in the USA  - Handling time 1-4 business days. I
To Hobby Lobby it was! My sister in law and I and the kids ended up having the best day! I mean chick-fil-a AND Hobby Lobby AND crafty time with my sis in law, the trifecta of fun!

I am so glad that she came with me because I would have come home with yarn and beads and been like, "What do I do?!?" I ended up with beautiful necklaces that I am so excited about and it only cost like $20 and I still have a bunch of stuff left over to make more or for other projects!

You need:
String--We ended up using cross stitching thread. The blue stuff was a little thinner and not as heavy as the multi colored, I am not sure what the difference was, but the multi-colored came out a little better. $3.99 each
Beads--I chose a multipack with different shades of brown. $3.99 and 50% off
Jewelry rings--to attach the tassel onto the cording. I picked a package of medium sized circle rings $1.99
Cording--I used waxed cotton cording in a tan brown color. I am sure that your could use leather cording as well. $3.99
I also splurged and did a chain/tassel combination and that was like $6
Cardboard to wrap the tassel around
Sewing scissors

The gang's all here!
1. You need to cut your cardboard to the length you want the tassel. I made mine a little longer just in case, then I could trim off any uneven strings. Jenn and I used the flaps from an empty diaper box and it worked quite well.

2. Cut a notch in the top of the cardboard to hold the string and get you started.

3. Next start wrapping the string around the board. I wanted my tassel to be nice and thick. I think I wrapped it probably 75-100 times around. (I started counting, but got distracted!)

4.Once the tassel is to your liking, thickness wise, open a jewelry loop and pull onto the string at the top of the cardboard.
5. Then cut the string through at the bottom and free the tassel from the cardboard.

6. Next go back to your spool of string and start wrapping it around the tassel, below the jewelry loop. I think I wrapped it like 10-15 times, I wanted that puppy to be secure!
7. After it's sufficiently tied off, double knot it and trim off the extra thread. We super glued ours with Callie's fabric glue (My super glue glued itself shut) Then trim off the thread at the bottom of the tassel, so all of the strings are even.

8. Last, attach the tassel to what ever you are hanging it to. In the case of my blue tassel, I put it on the chain and it came out so lovely!

Ta-Da beautiful jewelry that we didn't spend a fortune on!
Here were my finished necklaces! I made the beaded necklace using the same method and attached it to the beaded cording. You would not believe how long it took that string those beads, good gracious!

Here are Jenn's finished necklaces. I love the chain tassel! It came out so pretty! She made her's the same way and just attached them using these cool bauble caps that we found in the jewelry aisle.

Sportin' our awesome bling!

And bein' awesome!

My dear Callie got in on the action by making a beautiful beaded lanyard for the school year. I think I might commission her to make me one too!

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