Monday, July 13, 2015

Make something Monday: Stained glass frames

Whew! Things have been busy and I have not been keeping up very well! We just had the most wonderful weekend camping in Wyoming with the family (more on that later) so last week was spent getting ready! 

Onto the making stuff! A few weeks ago, Callie and made these beautiful stained glass windows. They were pretty easy and they are so cool!!! Here is the pin...

You need:
Frames (We made a mistake on this one, you need frames that you can take the backs off of and there are still metal pins holding the glass in)
glitter glue (we also used plain old elmer's glue, but the glitter dries clear and is super pretty)
food coloring
lotsa toothpicks and paper towels

All the players are here....

UH-OH! Our project almost took a detour, because these lovely Target frames are held in by a piece of cardboard on the back.

Thankfully, I saved the frames I bought last year for my collage wall disaster and they were the ones that you need. See the little metal things that hold in the glass?

First remove that back and put just the glass back in the frame.
Next spread on your glue!
You might want to start with a small section and then add more as you go. Callie just swirled it all on and it was a little difficult to work with such a large area.

Next, add in the food coloring and use the toothpicks to swirl the coloring and glue together.
Then, start adding in the other colors you want to use. We sprinkled a few dots, swirled, more dots, swirl. You get the idea! Really work the color in, because the food coloring doesn't dry if it is not mixed in with the glue.

Here was our finished product! So pretty. 
Ours took daaayyysss to dry! They sat here in this very spot for over a week, just drying. Then when I picked one up, it was still wet. Wait, what?? It was because the food coloring was not all the way mixed in with the glue. I fixed this by dabbing a paper towel where it was still "wet" and that seemed to do the trick.

I guess for this project, you could invest in some suction cup hangers if you wanted to put them up in a window. Ours are just propped up on the window sill in the kitchen...
So darn pretty, I love how they came out!

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