Friday, July 24, 2015

How I kept my children busy all day for $2

This week has been so strange without my eldest love here! Kellen takes really long naps and I have to keep him busy all alone, The struggle is real. Last week, though, we were determined to cram in every bit of fun we could before Callie left to visit our Texas family.

One of those days included the cheapest fun we've had in a long time. I am talkin' balloons people, 'cause that's where it at! We went to the store and Callie picked up a $2 pack of balloons and you better believe those came home with us.

First we had a raging game of balloon volleyball. It was pretty elaborate. I mean look at the score sheet...
 There were even brackets...The girl means business!
After Kellen woke up from his nap we filled our balloons with just a little bit of water and did balloon paintings. Kellen loved this!!

They made millions of beautiful pictures! Then it was outside to throw the water balloons, pop them, and make mud. Followed by blowing the balloons up and sitting on them to make them pop. I am telling you the possibilities were endless. This was the best 2 bucks I think I ever spent!

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