Friday, February 7, 2014

Conversation hearts valentines lesson plan

A few years ago I wanted to do something fun but challenging with my students on Valentines day. Thus the conversation heart letter was born.
I have my students choose a handful of conversation hearts, they get to eat some and use some in their Valentines letter.

Next they choose a person to write to. I ALWAYS try to encourage them to write to a family member.I am trying to be wholesome here!

Then they draft their letter incorporating in the hearts. At one time mine said:

"Dear Mom,
                  You are the best mother and I know I will 'TXT U' forever! If you ask me over for dinner I don't think it will be '2bad' because you are great chef. 'Don't tell' dad that I like your cooking better.
I will always be your 'baby girl'
                                              LUV U,
                                                          Your daughter.
This letter makes NO sense, I just wanted to have a finished product!
 After the kiddos draft their letter then I have them put it on nice paper and glue on the hearts.
The kids "luv" it and it is pretty challenging especially for some of my second language learners or students who don't text.

Here are the instructions I post on my Promethean board along with my finished product:

I found this letter in my desk from circa 2011. The hearts and glue don't quite stand the test of time, but still a keepsake for parents of kids who are "too cool"!

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