Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I wore Wednesday day

Here is look at the past weeks outfits (I included some Callie outfits as well)!
Dress: Banana republic (thrifted)
Tights: very jane
booties: target
Aztec sweater: target

Little miss without her hair brushed had to get in on the action.
Whole outfit, dress, tights and boots: Target

Lacy skirt: target
lime green tank: old navy
cardigan: target
bronze heels: target
Sweater: forever 21
 floral skirt: target
tights: very jane
medallion flats: amazon
necklace: very jane

This was for dress for success day, where you had to dress like your future profession. Callie wants to be a teacher like her dear old mom.
Plaid top and skirt: thrifted
sweater tights and shoes: target
glasses: old sunglasses that we popped the lenses out of
Dress: forever 21
stripped sweater: forever 21
tights: very jane
boots: target
belt: target
Sweater and tights and tee: target
skirt: thrifted
ugg boots: hand me downs

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