Monday, February 3, 2014

"Valentimes" day!

The season of love is upon us. I love Valentines day! Until about a year ago Callie called it "Valentimes" day, and I thought that was darn cute. I am convinced that Valentines day is a favorite holiday all around.

Valentines garland from the $ bins at Target

When I was a kid, it was certainly the best. I mean, I really like Halloween and Christmas, obviously, but there was something about a day all about love that made me happy. I remember making my Valentines cards for my classmates. I would lovingly choose special Valentines for my best friends and that special crush. I remember decorating a tissue box with hearts, glitter and doilies to collect cards in. I loved taking my cards home and opening and reading them, imagining my classmates choosing that special card just for me. I know in reality, now, that the cards I received were totally random, but I like my way better. 
Our super old Valentines day door hanger

When my best friend was little, like kindergarten, she had on those white tights with the red velvet hearts (you know the ones) for her class Valentines party. She was having so much fun at her party she peed right in her little heart tights so she wouldn't have to leave the party to go the bathroom. That's how great v-day is, it's not just me!

 I took the garland off the string and re-hung the hearts using mini clothes pins and 
then draped them over the living room mirror!

So a day all about love, not just sappy romance love, but all kinds of love for family, friends, everyone important in my life,is pretty special. I remember back in my single mom days a friend told me, "Just enjoy the day with your sweet little girl. She will be the love of your life forever." I really liked that and needed to hear that at the time.Even now as an old married lady, there is something fun and sweet about "Valentimes day".

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