Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kellen is 5 months

Again I sit here and think, Wow! Five months already. This time last year we were just announcing to our families that there was going to be an addition to the Wood's and now he has been with us for almost  half of a year.

Kellsy bell, you have changed SO much this month! I can't believe it, it's like you are not an infant any more, you are truly a baby. You have slowed down eating a litte, but you definitely like your cereal. You finally got impatient with us and figured out how to hold your own bottle (when you want to...)
You finally laughed this month! Like a for real, belly laugh! Callie was dive bombing the bed and bouncing you all around and you pretty much thought that it was the funniest this that ever happened (and it probably was, you are only 5 months old) You haven't really done it a whole lot since, but you have this smoky little chuckle that melts my heart!

You LOVE to hang out with your daddy! Most of the time you just sit in his lap and coo and talk to him. If you are with dad you are happy man! One afternoon daddy was working on one of Callie's toys and part of it looked like a spoon, you followed that thing around and kept trying to catch a bite!
You love to play, especially with your football and telephone. 

This month you figured out how to roll around, I think crawling is in the near future, yikes!

This month was SUPER rough with sleeping. Until about 2 weeks ago we swaddled you up tight, because every time you moved you would startle and wake up crying. One night you fought the darn blanket so hard that you screamed from 11 pm until 5 am. No rest for the weary. Finally daddy unwrapped you and you flipped over on your tummy and passed right out. Now every morning that we check on you, there you are on your tummy sound asleep and we are finally back to sleeping well!
You found your feet this month, pulling off your socks and chewing on your toes is a pretty fun time for you!

LOVES: Talking, making noise (especially at church and quiet places) giggling, anything your sister does, books and colorful toys, chewing on jewelry, chewing on your hands, playing with your toes.

Not a fan of: Day time sleeping, when your bottle is empty, being alone.

*time rolling over
*sleeping without your swaddle
*banana baby food
 *Valentines day
*Basketball game

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