Saturday, August 9, 2014

Brown Palace, anyone?

This last weekend before we were in the throws of a brand new school year, the book club girls got together for afternoon tea at the Brown Palace. It is one of Denver's oldest and super fanciest hotels. Every day from noon until 4 they have this amazing tea service. We got the works, fruity champagne, truffles, hibiscus lavender tea, pomegranate infused green tea, cucumber sandwiches, tiny little strawberry cheesecakes with edible gold. For a bunch of tiny food, I sure did not eat another bite of anything for the rest of the day, It was very filling! I wish I would have taken some pics of the food it, it was so pretty!
All the girls!
Me and my Mum! She even dressed up!
Adriane, the women with all of the ideas for fun things to do!
The lobby where the tea is held.

View from the 6th story balcony.
The book we read was called The Lifeboat, I am embarrassed to say that it actually my suggestion that we read it. It was horrible! 

Worst. Book. Ever.
I read about half of this book before I quit. I got it used on amazon for $1 plus shipping, not even worth the $1. It's about this lady who marries a guy with money and they are on the way across the Atlantic to meet his family. (Who does not know he married this women) The boat sinks and 40 people end up in a lifeboat with a crew member who helps them survive. People die off, left and right for no apparent reason. It's just really super depressing and kind of a gross to read about what happens to them for 14 days at sea. I just could not bring myself to actually finish the story. Life is too short to read crappy books. Better luck next month!

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