Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kellen is 11 months old!

Almost one year baby man! I can't believe it. This time last year we were so ready for you to hurry up and get here and now we have been blessed to be your parents for almost a year! You have so much personality, take right now for instance, as I am typing this you are screaming ha-da in your crib because sleeping is just not fun. You are still such a joyful, fun, sweet smiley baby, no changes on that front!
This month has not been my favorite since are not together all day. But you get to spend the day with Ms. Charlie and your buddies. You are right in the middle with 2 friends who are older and 2 friends who are younger, but guess who's the biggest? 
You have been playing with your toys and love this here flute/recorder thingy, you just can't quite figure out how to work it. 
Also, foamy blocks and letters are your thing, yum!
These faces, where do they come from?

You are getting around like a pro now, up the stairs and so close to getting down, into the cabinets, around the tables and shelves, and pushing around your grocery cart. You love to load up your basket and push until you crash!

Let's see, stats, still 24 lbs, still rockin' 18 months clothes, still wearing size 3 dipes, still bald, still have 6 teeth. You are sleeping okay at night until about 7-5ish and then a bottle and a cat nap until about 6:30. I have no idea if you or Charlie get any rest in during the day!
You are getting so close to walking! You let go of things and then don't know what to next, but you sure get around on the edge of stuff! Dancing is also pretty fun times. You have no rhythm, but if there is music you do some obscene bouncing and gyrating.
Callie is still pretty much the best thing ever. You were a little lost without her while she was in Texas!

Hanging out with grandma and papa has also been one of your favorite things too! You discovered their doggy door a few weeks and it was hi-larious!
You have found your voice, but no words have been made. You stand at the glass door and on the railing and yell at things, you say mum and dad when you are upset, but I am not sure they mean anything. You have a super shrill scream, not for any reason, just screaming. Daddy calls you "Helen" when you this, you think it's pretty funny. You also have a super awesome grunt, that is really drawn out and deep and you sound pretty much like a zombie, or like you are pooping, but you are alive and you are not stinky, so who knows.
Likes: Callie, toys, playing, walking, screaming and grunting, dancing, eating.
Not a fan of: Sleeping, being still, wearing clothes (see below)
Firsts: Time playing in the sand box, grandma camp, walking with some help, eating ice cream.

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