Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Its the first day of school!

Callie started 2nd grade Monday and I can't believe that she is this big and grown up!

 There are a few things that we do on the first day of school to make it extra special. Callie's school doesn't start until like 8:45 and Brien and I have both have to be to work super early, so both take off the morning and spend it getting her ready and off to school! We wake up late, relax, have coffee and breakfast together and reminisce about the grades she has accomplished.

After we finish getting ready we have our first day of school photo shoot! This is probably my favorite part of the morning.

In the kitchen we have a giant framed chalk board. My mother in law made it. It is so super easy to create! She found a frame that she loved. I this case it is a super cute, clean cut off white frame, that matches our kitchen decor perfectly. The picture inside the frame, however was super ugly! So she taped off the edges and used a can of chalkboard paint to cover the ugliness! So simple right?!

I normally use it to write out our meals for the week and keep an ongoing grocery/Target list. On the first day of school it is where we write the first day of school stats!

Every year we write what grade Callie is entering, the date, and what she wants to be when she grows up. I figure that I will use the pictures when she graduates from high school or something for some memories to look back on! Here  are some from years past:

After kitchen photos, we take our photo shoot outside and take some porch pictures!

Then we all head to school to wait in line and meet the teacher. Callie was so excited to see her old friends and catch up after the long summer!

This year has been a little challenging so far. It's hard to get used to all new things, with a whole new teacher and a whole new group of friends. I think that once we get back into the swing of things, it will be  rockin' good year!

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