Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014 part one

This year has been an interesting Christmas to say the least... Brien had off with me the whole beginning part of the break, which has been so nice because usually I am in a rush to get everything done. But, alas, I had help this year. We were able to get our shopping done, presents wrapped and everything went fairly smoothly! We saw santa and Kellen loved him! I was shocked, I think he was fascinated but him more than scared, yay!

We went Christmas light lookin' in all of the old neighborhoods where my parents used to take my brother and I when we were kids. They were not nearly as great as I remember them, but Callie loved it and Kellen oohed in the backseat, so I guess it was a success!

We came home that night and watched Christmas movies and had a sleep over in the living room!

The next day my Mother in law, sister in law, My nephews, Callie and I headed down town to see The Grinch! It was so fun! The play was awesome (a little long for little ones) and Callie decided that she could get a good job and live in Denver when she was big.

 We spent Christmas eve day with the Wood's and it was such a nice and peaceful day! The kids had so much fun playing together, getting loaded up on sugar, doing grandma's scavenger hunt. It was a blast. But our poor nephew Christian (Kellen's partner in crime) was sick and wimpy, so his parents took him to urgent care just to get him checked out. Everything was fine and festivities commenced!
Grandma has the best toys!

My loves!
Callie hi-jacked the camera!

Scavenging for presents... 

These clues are confusing!

Grandma and her babies!

The tumbleweed snowman! We had no snow so we had the brilliant idea of making one from tumble weeds. Sounds easy right? Wrong... Tumbleweeds hurt and it was cold. Poor uncle Zack took this one on by himself after the kiddos realized how much work it was!

Finally, present! These kids were excited!

The bigs all snuggled up in their jammies!

We ended up driving home that night to sleep in our own beds and wait for santa, Callie was so excited she even wrote him the sweetest card with her cookies and milk and was out like a light, while mom and dad frantically wrapped presents again, (I think we will never learn to get it done earlier!)

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