Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thrifty Finds Last Month

Last month I was surveying the closet and I discovered I have like 2 pairs of pants that fit and look cute. I was unwilling to spend bunches of money on pants, since they seem to come and go from my closet, so thrifting it was! It had been a while since I have been thrifting, but Callie had a birthday party right across the street from our favorite thrift store, and it needed to happen.

I scored on this trip. I thought I would be lucky to find a pair or two, but I ended up with four fabulously fitting, cute pants for the winter! Win!
 Grey Anne Taylor loft pants! $4 anad 50% off

Navy Pinstripe Express pants! $4, 50% off

Dark Brown Anne Taylor loft pants $4, 50% off

Black pinstripe Express pants $4, 50%

Plaid Blanket scarf, Target $14, not super thrifty, but it was on sale!
I almost forgot the thrill of finding amazing things for so ridiculously small amounts of money! Who knows what we shall find this month!

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