Sunday, December 7, 2014

O'Brien Family Christmas

My husband has a crazy huge extended family and we seem to have outgrown everyone's home in terms of space for all of us, so this year for the big Christmas get together, we met at a big ice skating rink in Greeley and enjoyed our party there. We rented a sizable room upstairs overlooking the rink, but even the room couldn't contain us and we ended up taking up most of the second floor!

We left at like 9 in the morning and ventured to get the ingredients for the appetizers, then to get presents for the white elephant, then to Cabelas to return something from Brien's hunting trip back in October, then finally we ended up at the party. I was already exhausted and we hadn't even started!

We began with ice skating. I was a little worried because the last time I took Callie and one of her little girl friends, we ended up skating for all of like 10 minutes! It was just too hard and too cold. But this time Callie was super jazzed because she is practically a skating pro, with all of the hours she has logged roller skating in the basement. I even dusted off my old CCM's from the parents basement and skated for like and hour and a half! It was great!

By the end, she was pro!
After skating we headed back up to the party to begin the festivities, but poor Brien ended up going home. He caught whatever gross bug Callie and I had the last week and he was feeling super wimpy. So we arranged for the kids and I to stay and he went home.

It ended up being a pretty fun time chasing around the kiddos and getting caught up with family that we only see a few times a year! There are so many exciting new relationships, weddings, babies etc!
All the kiddos waiting for their presents! I love the O'Brien traditions being carried on!

These sweet babies were so tiny last year and now they are all so big and squirmy!

Case and point!
We enjoyed the rest of the party, we actually got some great things in the white elephant exchange. We usually bring pretty fun stuff that I would gladly keep, and leave with things like spray paint, batteries and one year, a stapler. But alas we left with a Starbucks card and this cool melted wine bottle cheese server thing. I am already thinking ahead to wine night next year!

 O'Brien family Christmas 2014 was a success! I can't wait to see all of the new babies and families next year!

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