Monday, December 1, 2014

Wine night!

The Wathen girls have successfully started a new tradition and I am pretty sure it is awesome. Last year at Thanksgiving we decided that we all needed a girl's night out. So we had a wine night at my sister in law's house. We all brought our favorite bottle to share. We also enjoyed fancy cheese, crackers and fruit, next year, I say we take on chocolate as well, ladies!

This year was just as fun! More wine, more cheese. I even got my velveeta cheese family to try brie! It's also a chance to get out my fancy wine charms, which I feel like are under utilized as I am the only one who enjoys the vino at my house.

Don't worry,Callie had cranberry juice!
Cozy with uncle Buck, watching Frozen while we sampled our drinks!

Not that we are by any stretch of the imagination,connoisseurs, I had a few favorites! We all like super sweet wines, so Moscatos were what we all enjoyed! 
I tried this at one of the get togethers with my husband's family and this was a big hit. It is a sauvignon marlborough and it is awesome with fruit! It is very grapefruit-y(I know I am shame to all  wine sommeliers right now!)

Cara Mia,is my favorite Moscato, it is just the right amount of sweet!
Again, we are certainly not experts,but we also really liked " Sweet Cheeks" and "Innocent Bystander". I forgot to take pictures of those, but they are pretty wonderful as well! So here's to wine night, I can't wait for next year!

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