Monday, December 8, 2014

"Pinned it and did it" Felt Christmas Tree

This year has been a trip as far decorating for Christmas. Kellen and Jake are into everything! Kellen has managed to pull the ribbon off the tree like 6 times, run his cozy coupe into it and knock it over and Jake has eaten like 7 ornaments. Oy! So the bottom third of the tree is pretty much naked and a bunch of the decorations that I like to put out, are in a box in the basement. Sad times!

So I decided that we could take care of one of our destructive children by keeping him busy. Enter the Pinterest felt Christmas tree!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we took a little trip to the Hobby Lobby and stocked up on felt and command strips. On Friday, after Callie and I got back from the movies we needed a craft, Ta-da, felt Christmas tree!

You need: 
*1-2 yards of green felt. We found ours obviously in the fabric section for 5.99 a yard and I had a 40% off coupon. 
*8x10 sheets of felt in various colors
*Some round things to trace, I chose cans.
*Tacks or something super sticky, I bought some command strips and those lasted about 2 minutes. Still working on that little dilemma!

1. Lay out the fabric nice and flat
2. Next draw your tree shape on the felt with a marker. I just freehanded mine and it came out a little crooked, but not too bad...
3. Then cut the tree out..
A special thanks to my little photographer, Callie.
Not perfect, but it was made with love!
4. Now, adhere to the wall. I started with command strips but they wouldn't stick to the felt, like the pinterest version said.  We ended up using thumbtacks and that has held up okay, I am still trying to think of things to use, short of glueing it to the wall. Has anyone else done this, that knows what will work??

Good enough!
5. Then I got to work tracing and cutting out the ornaments. I decided to go simple considering my audience. He doesn't need too much fancy in his life.
So. Much. Cutting.

So far this had kept Kellen and Callie, pretty busy. I think Callie plays with it more than Kellen does. I would say this is keeper and a tree saver!

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