Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas part 2

Christmas morning the kiddos slept in big time! I was surprised, usually, they are up at the crack of dawn on a regular day, earlier on Christmas. Not this year! We did presents lickity split, Santa brought Callie a sewing machine and Kellen a ball pit! Brien got me a big jewelry cabinet! He received a new coat and wedding ring, since his was lost in the backyard this summer!

After presents on the homefront we headed to grandmas to eat breakfast and open presents there. Then we feasted on yummy Christmas food (ok it's the same as Thanksgiving food, but it's still delicious!) I perfected my pumpkin pies and added chocolate pie to the mix, recipe to follow soon...

So the holidays this year have been a little out of sorts. On Christmas eve my grandpa was taken to hospice. It has been really hard to watch him get worse and worse, but On Saturday night he went home to heaven. Now he is not worrying or in pain and it's a relief. My family has been doing well so far and the service is next week. More about that later too.

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