Monday, June 20, 2016

Another week gone by....

Another precious week of summer has slipped me by! It was busy and crazy and well spent, but summer is drifting by too fast for me!

My make something Monday is not quite ready for a reveal, my Mister still has to put it together, so maybe next week!

This week I cleaned out my classroom. That was a little bittersweet! I went through my stuff at record speed, I emptied 8 drawers of files like lightening. I promised myself to not be a hoarder at school. No more! Callie was making fun of me, because all week I have been going through the whole house throwing things away and organizing and then she saw the glory that was my cabinets at school and laughed!

Bye Ahills! You were a great home for 8 years!
After cleaning my classroom I lunch with my fabulous team for last 3 years and just celebrated!

This last weekend my sister in law's sister got married and both of my children were "in the wedding". I say this because my precious ring bearer RE-fused to go down the aisle and got a little stage fright!
Minus his melt down it was a beautiful wedding and such a fun time!
This was Callie's 10th, 10th WOW! Wedding! She was so sweet and looked just beautiful with her Elsa braid!
My handsome "shy" guy!
The colors were lime green and hot pink, my fav!
My Boys!

Had to sneak a family shot in there!
The bride and groom were so cute!!
Are y'all seeing this venue?? 
Thank you for letting us share your special day, Cole and Aunt Becca! It was just beautiful!(P.S this was the only picture Kellen would be in. This boy, where does he get the stubbornness??)

After an exhausting Friday, we invited over the Nashville crew for a fun BBQ on Saturday. I forgot to take pictures, but lemme' tell you, it was hot and sweaty, but those kids sure had fun! And I was so impressed with my husband actually planning and doing everything for a get together. It was a nice change to not have to stress!
Sunday was Father's day and it was SO relaxing! We had breakfast with my dad, came home took naps and the kids lazed around and then we went to a family get together with Brien's side so he could visit with his dad. Father's day always seems a little more low maintenance than Mother's day for some reason!

This guy! Oh my word, do I love my daddy! As we speak, he is texting me about the dangers of allowing his granddaughter fly as an accompanied minor. He is always looking out for everyone. I have the best, easiest and funniest conversations with him. Hands down, best dad ever! I love you so VERY much daddy!

And this guy! I love everything about being a parent with him. I have loved watching him be a dad to Callie and then to Kellen and he proves that biology has nothing to do with fatherhood. He loves, jokes and plays like nothing else. I love you Mister Wood! Happy Father's day, sorry you didn't get that Traeger smoker, but I hope your nice button up shirt will make up for it, wink wink!

So, now here we are in week 4 of break and it will finally be a normal week! Callie is living it up at great grandma's house right and Kellen and I have organized all of his toys in his room and all over the house. A little boring, but productive! We shall see what other adventures we can get into!

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