Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Real Deal With Summer

Ahhhh, it's finally happening. The joys of summer. Morning walks, iced sweet tea, bologna sammiches, endless hours of playing outside. I could do this all year...

This week we are in the throws of good old VBS again, just one more night. We got this! Kellen decided he wanted to try it this year and it has not gone well, as whenever he sees me I have a little cling on, shadow holding my hand.

The window project is almost finished, we are still putting the house back together, but it has been hard with our evenings occupied wranging 60 children.

The first few days this week, my cousins kiddo joined us for the mornings, so we had an extra playmate, and that kept us good and busy.

I finally know my fate for next year...I will be teaching 2nd grade!!! Hurray!! It actually happened, God is so good! The school is literally 1.2 miles away from our house, day is shorter and I get to teach little people. I seriously am still getting used to the idea of not teaching kids who are bigger than me and I love it! I am going to go next week and get my old classroom cleaned out and scope out my new room. I am so jazzed to have this opportunity. I can't wait to get my new "home" set up and I can actually get all up on pinterest for elementary stuff without feeling guilty!

So we have a lot going on!
Cheesin' in our VBS shirts!

Kellen thought it was the funniest thing when Jake was drinking out of the hose! Turns out our faithful old pool had cracked during the winter. I was going to buy one at the store but it wouldn't fit in my car. I kind of miss the ol' jeep sometimes!

Story time at the library was a blast, thanks to Callie we will be carrying on our "Time to Read Tuesdays"!

Baking up some scones for aunt Jenn!

We finally got the planters filled up with beautiful flowers!

This morning we found a secret park. Callie turned us down some random path and it just appeared as if from nowhere. How did we not know about this place after all our adventures???

Finally putting together her 3rd grade school year binder! We had 2 baskets full of papers and treasures from the year, it was a hot mess and I am glad that it is now organized!

So we are off to a rip roaring start over at the Wood house and I am so thankful for summer!

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