Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Thrifty finds!

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to my favorite little thrifty stores. It was glorious and I got exactly what I needed! I love it when  plan comes together!

Here are my treasures!
Tie dye pink shorts, yes please! Gap: 5.99

Coral pants that actually fit?? Get in my closet! 5.99

Pink Target boyfriend tee! I decided I am kind of low on tees so this fit the bill! 2.99

Another fun and easy tee! Old Navy 1.99

White shorts have been on list forever! This pair is great and NOT see through, which is important to me! Gap 5.99

Another cute little pair of shorts that are not too short and will be great for summer errands! American Eagle 5.99

These cute little bermuda shorts from Old Navy were a steal! 2.99

Pink pants! I don't know why these caught my eye, but last week one of my girlfriends from church had these on when she was picking up her kiddos and I decided I needed some too! Gap 5.99

Target dress! I ALMOST bought this dress during the winter for our 5280 dinner, I am so glad that I didn't pay $40 'cause this one was 3.99!

Black shorts! These are super cute shorts that are little more dressy and they had the tags still on! Express 3.99

I got a bunch of stuff for the kiddos too, some polos and shorts for Kellen and a few cute tops for Callie but they are in the wash, so no pics of those! I have missed my thrifty days and felt like a rockstar for spending less than $50 bucks on all this!! Yay for thrifting!

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