Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend fun!

This weekend was dream team USA. Now that VBS is over and we are not driving to Denver twice a day, there was time for fun and relaxing...
This was my life last week!
It really was so much and I will probably do it all over again next year!

So Friday we enjoyed some grilled Salmon, watched Zootopia and enjoyed a beautiful sunset!
Saturday, Brien took the kiddos to his parents in the morning to help work on their basement tiling so I had a whole blissful 24 hours to myself. All. By Myself. I missed my family a weird amount, but it was nice to have some time to indulge!
I got a Starbucks coffee that I didn't have to share, got my hair all fixed up with some highlights and spent like 2 hours thrifting without any children complaining. I got some great treasures, more about that later!

On Saturday night, My sister in law threw a great bachelorette party for her sister and it was so fun to hang out with the girls and not have to put children to sleep!
We started with some delicious supper! We had to get fueled up for our evening!

Then off to painting! My beautiful sister in law and her sister, the bride! I sure do love these ladies!

and... our finished products. I have no idea where to put this bad boy!
On Sunday it was another blissful, beautiful day! I headed to church to finish cleaning up VBS stuff and then went grocery shopping by myself and then home to clean my house, by myself. It was nice. I am not gonna' lie!

My lovely family finally made it home and we had a great family dinner with my parents, aunt and grandma. I am so thankful that they were here to partake in the chaos that is Sunday dinners! After supper it had just rained so we had to share the secret park with Brien. It doesn't get any better than that! 

Today has been all about father's day and I have a super fun "Make Something Monday" going down to share next week! Happy Monday!

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