Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas break is almost over

The holidays this year were wild and crazy, as usual! The fun began the weekend before Christmas. I had a work day at school and left early to get Kellen and bring him back to share him with the office ladies, who hadn't seen him since right after he was born. I got nothing done at school (shocking, I know)

Friday we had supper  and watched Elf, one of our family favorites and got Callie all packed up for her ski trip to the mountains. Saturday was Christmas shopping at Southlands and we stopped for lunch at On The Border. Then back home to wrap millions of presents. The Sharps came and got Callie to take her back to the mountains and they were able to meet Kellen for the first time. And then there were three...

This year the torch was passed to me in terms of pie. Don't get me wrong I am happy to be able to contribute, however I have quite the legacy to live up to. My Grandma is the queen of baking pies, especially pumpkin! So Monday I baked four pies to bring to my side of the family's Christmas get together. I also finished my shopping, wrapping and just sat and held Kellen. Monday was also Kellen's 3 month birthday so we had to have a quick photo shoot!

 Tuesday was Christmas eve Brien and I were excited for the Sharp's to join us at his parents house, for our celebration. It was a great time! The kiddos worked on a gingerbread house, we had amazing food, opened presents, it was a blast! I was talking to my mother in law a few days after Christmas and she was telling a co-worker about our little family gathering. She explained that Callie's grandparents from Texas had joined us, I guess it would be a little strange to try to explain to an outsider, but to us, it's all family and it works.

Christmas eve night we got the kiddos ready for bed, left out cookies and milk

We sprinkled food for Santa's reindeer in the front yard. Apparently reindeer eat glitter and oatmeal.

We read the Christmas story from Luke and put the babies to bed.

After that mom and dad frantically (and poorly) wrapped presents.

Christmas morning was wonderful! We were able to have Christmas morning in our own house after sleeping in our own beds, it was magical. Callie opened presents and Kellen watched.

Then we headed to my parents house to open more presents (we were spoiled this year!) We had another amazing Christmas Celebration with my family. I guess the pies were good, nobody died or got sick, so I will call it a success!

The rest of this week has been a whirl wind of cleaning, organzing, more family visits and spending time together.

New years was fun! We went out the Bennett ranch in Strasburg and had a family friendly bonfire with Brien's best friend Cory, his wife Adriane and their two little ones. New years day was snowy and cold and we did nothing for the first time in forever, it was great.

Yesterday I was able have lunch with two of my sweet teacher friends and do a little shopping at Forever 31 with a gift card from my mother in law, a lovely day overall.

Today, Callie, Kellen and I went to my grandparent's to deliver their photo book. I think they really liked it! After our visit,  we returned Callie's roller skates (Santa brought the wrong size) Now that we are rocking the correct size 13's she has spent the day practicing in the basement.

Only 2 precious more days for this Christmas break, then back to school and work for us...

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