Saturday, January 18, 2014

Did you know...???

It has been a busy few weeks, especially on the weekends! Today was the first day in LOOOONNNGGG time that we didn't have a million errands to run or things to do and it was great!
So, did you know...
Cowgirl boots make you a real life cowgirl?
Combines are great playgrounds? (thanks, Corey and Adriane!)

When we all wear our Bronco shirts, they win??

That 7 year old girls can wear 4T dresses and that's okay??
That garter belts make great headbands?
That, in addition, to being a full time teacher and mom, I am a executive producer for the NatGeo channel?? (see name in bottom corner)
That this baby and my older baby are tied for the cutest baby ever??
That papa's are great tooth pullers??

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