Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Organizing cards

I love to throw things away. It's probably one of my favorite past times. However, one thing that, for some reason, I cannot throw away is cards! Birthday cards, thank you cards, just because cards etc, I love them. I am just too sentimental to throw them away. I am thankful for this because one day I came across a card from either high school or middle school from my Nanny (My mom's mother) She passed away in 2004 and when I saw her beautiful handwriting and read her sweert words I definitely cried. I was glad I hung onto those and many other cards from family and friends.

When Kellen was born we recieved gobs of cards and letters from our loved ones and they had the sweetest words, wishes and prayers for out little boy. I surely couldn't get rid of them! Since this summer and fall though, they have sat in a box taking up valuable space in Kellen's nursary. I also had some pictures and other baby memorablia that needed a home. What a mess!
I got the inspiration from my sister in law (Thanks, Jenn) who bound all of her and my brothers wedding cards into books, I decided to do the same. Here is the finished product:
I had a cute cover sheet (an blank left over baby shower invite). Then I used the first 2 holes of a 3 hole punch to poke holes in all the cards (this took forever!) Then I used some left over twine that we had from another project to loop all of the cards together to make a book. So easy, now we have all of Kellens sweet cards in one place. One day when he is older he can see all of the sweet things that people said about him before he was born!

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